Starkey LIVIO AI Hearing Aid

It is major leap forward in the conventional technology, by giving the hearing device an aptness to track body and brain health as well as provide all desired functionalities of hearing aids with high quality sound resonance. Loaded with Artificial Intelligence (AI) quotient and feature oriented sensors (first in its class), has made Starkey’s Livio…

Starkey LIVIO AI Hearing Aid

It is major leap forward in the conventional technology, by giving the hearing device an aptness to track body and brain health as well as provide all desired functionalities of hearing aids with high quality sound resonance. Loaded with Artificial Intelligence (AI) quotient and feature oriented sensors (first in its class), has made Starkey’s Livio AI a preferred ‘multi-use hearing device’ in a shortest span of time. It is an evolutionary change, new technology levels has being explored, till now there has been no gadget keeping track of physical activities along with brain’s health concurrently using the data to give state of the art performance as hearing aids in various listening environments accordingly. Till the date fitness tracking devices are mostly worn on arm or wrist, but with Livio AI one can get bit more accurate data that too wearing them on ear, it is technologically proven concept that ears are the best spot for steadfast tracking data. In a way these hearing aids are first to improvise and take benefit of this model.

Livio AI Hearing Aids comes in two styles i.e. RIC 312 (Receiver-In-Canal) & BTE 13 (Behind-The-Ear) with seven colour options to choose from. It is enabled with ‘Hearing Reality’ technology which makes them really efficient in the most difficult listening environments or noisy backdrops, also the loud and quiet settings are designed to offer maximum soothe for the user. It has taken the concept of ‘speech clarity’ to new levels with improvised connectivity feature allowing it to remain connected seamless to other technologically smart devices like Smartphone, TV, computer etc. to make the life easier for the user. Moreover through features like Siri integration one can have all his or her text messages or emails read directly into ears via hearing aids. It is also loaded with very useful feature like ‘Find My hearing Aids’ which is very helpful as it is likely that you keep the hearing aids at someplace and then forget where you have kept but with this very user-friendly feature you can easily detect the exact location of hearing aids. As the signal detector emits a stronger or weaker indications based upon the distance of the hearing aid helping you in locating the same.

Here are some significant features of Livio AI –

Fitness Tracker – Sensors are incorporated into Livio AI hearing aids so that one can keep track of Body and Brain health i.e. via setting daily fitness challenge and effortlessly tracking them on Thrive Smartphone app. The hearing health is integral part of person’s overall health and daily routine activeness, it is one of the five senses traditionally mentioned for perception i.e. taste, sight, touch, smell, and sound (hearing health). Entire health of the body is connected hearing or listening power. It is established that individuals not capable to hear properly, can find difficulties engaging within the society itself or express themselves in the community and live improved or healthier lives. Taking care of one’s hearing health can save them from other grave health issues like wearing hearing aids can limit Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) or dementia which is somewhere related to hearing loss. Starkey LIVIO AI hearing aid is made in a way that it not only provides relief from hearing impairment but also works as an effective tool for overall wellness. It provides the user with flawless hearing experience and facilitates them to constantly take a note for betterment of their overall health, reducing the connected risks of dementia, nervousness, and social loneliness. The technology advancement of 3D motion sensor in this hearing aid allows it to keep the track of your actions, activities and various gestures. The inbuilt sensors can be synchronized with Apple Health or Google Fit especially the app Thrive Hearing which collects all these data and transform them into meaningful charts and scores like social engagement data, brain & body wellness score etc. It brings together the data every day, synchronized through the app to generate a “Thrive Score”, these scores of 100 measures the body & brain health/activeness. If you score an 80 for instance on your body, you are motivated to achieve a better score the subsequent day. Further Livio AI can be linked other related accessories and devices to derive much elaborated overall body and cognitive fitness feedback on various parameters.

Fall Detection Sensors – Old age individuals face a major and most common problem of fall. These falls can be highly dangerous and can lead to fatality. The majority of the injuries caused by falling down evolve to be severe if not taken care of immediately. By and large old age people remain at home and if in case they are alone then these fall injury can really become serious without any help or person unable to reach the telephone or other communication device to call for help. LIVIO AI hearing aid has overcome this problem through inbuilt sensor in the hearing device which automatically indicates fall detection. The system tracks the movement and in case of any aberration, it sends fall alert signals to the user’s family members or whosoever he or she wants in case of emergency. As per various researches in every less than 15 seconds one person gets injured due to fall related injury, this statistics further goes in every less than 20 minutes one person dies due to the same which is going to be double in numbers by coming 2030 if proper sensitization and preventive steps are not taken. The injury becomes grave if the person is lying (unable to stand) after the fall, wrecked wrist or arm or lose consciousness are frequent consequences of such an event. This makes the user body movement and activities very limited for a while which can make approaching or pushing buttons not viable at all. Starkey LIVIO AI hearing aid are fitted with GPS system which can detect the exact position of the user even if he or she is at some shopping complex or walking outside the house etc. It makes certain that the wearer can be found when an emergency occurs. One can easily evaluate the convenience of an ear-level supervising device that could be used to evaluate postural instability and give an alert without delay upon detecting a fall.

Real-Time Language Translator – This is one of the most creative and useful feature which has made this hearing aid a class apart from others. Starkey LIVIO AI hearing aid just not only provides technological amplification of speech signals but also while correcting them it does translate them into the language which user has selected. So the final result is seamless speech with desired enhancement as per specific hearing impairment but in the language which the user can understand. Right now these hearing aids can be programmed to select between 27 languages, but in the coming time the company has plan to extend the list of preferred languages. It is no less than a science fiction book or movie coming alive and the person can easily understand the other individual with plugging in the small device in the ear. It works very closely with the app which means if a Japanese speaker wearing Livio AI device wants to express something in French Language the entire sentence will get translated automatically in French and will display the translation in Smartphone screen. On the other side when the French person will respond verbally, it will automatically translate the spoken French words in Japanese language directly in the ears of the wearer accordingly. Which means any outgoing communication (your speech) will get translated and display on Smartphone screen and incoming communication (other person speech) will get translated to hearing aids so that you can hear real-time what other person wants to say. For people who suffer from hearing loss and travel various places around the globe frequently due to work engagements or leisure trips, this language translation attribute will prove to be a great advantage in conversing with individual who talk in different language.

Remote Programming – Hearing aids have evolved in the last decades, with the latest Starkey LIVIO AI hearing aid it has successfully raised the standard of the competition. Though it is a fact that no hearing aid can become absolute substitute for natural hearing but with this hearing device and its list of features the company has made a remarkable technological advancement in this field. Remote programming is one such very user friendly feature which gives the user maximum comfort without hassling for the hearing clinic to attune the hearing aids. Today any technologically advance hearing aids have numerous settings to give the best listening experience to the customer, some of these setting can be done manually by the user himself for others you require the assistance of hearing care professional which directly increases the frequency of visit to the clinic after purchasing the hearing aids. Technically it happens when the sound resonance or tone depth is acceptable to one user in certain listening environment but the other want more refinement or changes in the setting as per his or her liking. So that is why is said that every individual has distinct listening strategies (amplification) when it comes to various listening environments. This has reflected in the new age product where the manufacturer tries to provide as much settings possibilities as possible to provide state of the art comfort listening experience to the user. No matter if you do not have time to visit the hearing care clinic or distance is the issue for getting the hearing aids setting fine-tuning, Livio AI is equipped with remote programming through which hearing care professional can check all the data and attune the settings of the hearing aids remotely. Thrive the Smartphone app facilitates this feature through giving access to the data collected or Thrive score and upgrading the settings remotely.

Thrive Hearing app – Livio AI is enabled with Smartphone based app ‘Thrive’ which facilitates the user to get the best user-friendly enriching experience as a connection between hearing aids and other smart devices & accessories. It covers almost all the features discussed above like Thrive app keeps the track of your Body and Brain health with technologically advanced sensors recording various readings according to which Thrive app not only accumulate that data but present it in a way that you understand it easily in the form of daily wellness score. It works as a language translation tool so that one can easily communicate with other person speaking different language. It is two way communication, what you are saying will be displayed to him on Smartphone screen in his language through Thrive app and simultaneously whatever he is saying will be sent directly to your hearing aids translated in the language you understand, all this is done real-time. Through this app the hearing care professional can analyse the data and adjust the settings or listening preferences profiles of your hearing aids through remote programming. It saves a lot of cost and time for the user. The Thrive app empowers the user save and customized personalized listening environment settings, all with a very easy user-friendly process, resulting in less hearing care clinic visits. These saved listening setting profiles can further be geo tagged as per the specific location, like workplace, restaurant or home etc. So that whenever you enter that place the hearing aids automatically activate the suitable profile so that you do not have to manually attune the settings time after time. For this geotag memory (listening settings profile) Livio AI use GPS and cellular towers. Also there is integrated ‘Find My Hearing Aids’ feature which helps in locating the hearing aids which is very useful in case you misplace them. Apart from all theses this app facilitates answer phone calls i.e. just pressing a button you can directly answer the phone call through Bluetooth technology from the hearing aids itself, even texts, emails or other apps alerts can be stream straight into Livio AI hearing aids. The remote control feature helps in adjusting volume and switching between listening environments saved memories through your Smartphone itself. The last but not the least turning your smart phone into a live microphone i.e. you can keep your smart phone somewhere with settings switched on and the entire talks or speech going on in that room or area will be streamed right into your ears through hearing aids.

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