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HNR Speech and Hearing Clinic (Hearing Clinic in Telangana) is a specialized centre for people with Hearing, speech and language disorders. Our objective is to help improve lives of people suffering from hearing and speech problems using ultra modern techniques and technology. We believe in understanding the need of our patients through detailed assessment of their problems and providing effective diagnosis and most importantly the service and after service which a patient requires the most. We understand the needs of our patients and their families and give recommendations which best serve the mutual interest of all. 


Why Choose Us?

Putting several years of our clinical experience to practice we assist patients with different hearing tests including “Pure Tone Audiometry” and “Impedance Audiometry”; different speech tests including “Speech discrimination Score”, Speech Awareness Test”, “Speech Recognition Test” etc along with Digital Hearing Aid Trials, fittings and Speech Therapy. HNR Speech and Hearing Clinic is a specialist institution in fittings of “Sound Lens” Hearing Aids which are the worlds’ only “Completely Invisible in the Canal” Hearing Aids.

Vision & Missioin

The vision & mission of HNR Speech and Hearing Clinic is to achieve the highest standards in medical best practices in the industry. Our prime objective is to go beyond the conformities of text book treatments and ensure satisfaction and comfort to the patients with our prompt and earnest service. 

Hearing Clinic in Telangana-

Our Values

We are dedicated professionals working on the principles of honest service to the patients. We hold upright the true spirit of audiology by dispensing correct treatment to the patients rather than the most expensive one. We believe in delivering the best with zero compromise on the qualitative aspect.

Hearing Clinic in Telangana-

Our Focus

HNR Speech and Hearing Clinic is a specialized centre for people with hearing, speech and language disorders

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Clinic Infrastructure

HNR Speech and Hearing Clinic equipped with all Speech and Audiological testing Facilities. With a turn-up area of 1600 sq ft, the clinic accommodates a furnished setup for Audiological and Speech Tests, Sound Proof Hearing Tests, Speech Therapy Exercises, Patients Counselling, Hearing Aid Trial & Fitting and a 15-people seating capacity reception area. The testing lab is laden with the latest equipments capable of performing multiple tests for speech and Hearing. The testing Lab also accommodates a bed for testing “Audiometry Brain-stem Responses” in infants and instruments for Middle Ear Analysing for all age groups.

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