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HNR Speech And Hearing Clinic

HNR Speech and Hearing Clinic is a specialized centre for people with Hearing, speech and language disorders. Our objective is to help improve lives of people suffering from hearing and speech problems using ultra modern techniques and technology

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Audiologists are health care professionals who identify, assess and manage disorders of hearing, balance and other neural systems.

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Using the voice properly and using the muscles to make the right sounds. It helps people understand language and express themselves.

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Putting several years of our clinical experience to practice we assist patients with different hearing tests including “Pure Tone Audiometry” and “Impedance Audiometry”; different speech tests including “Speech discrimination Score”, Speech Awareness Test”, “Speech Recognition Test” etc along with Digital Hearing Aid Trials, fittings and Speech Therapy. HNR Speech and Hearing Clinic is a specialist institution in fittings of “Sound Lens” Hearing Aids which are the worlds’ only “Completely Invisible in the Canal” Hearing Aids.

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Digital Hearing aids differ from their counterpart Analogue & Trimmer Digital versions in terms that these are able to recognize the sound frequencies in an intelligent way thus providing just enough amplification at the desired frequency level to suit the hearing loss.


The “BTE” or “Behind the Ear” hearing aids are the most conventional type of ALDs (Assistive listening Devices) available today


The “Receiver in Canal” Hearing Aids are quite similar to the BTE style hearing aids with just one modification


hearing aids are smaller in size than the “In the Ear” hearing aids, are more concealable and are best suited fwor patients where hearing loss equals or extends beyond the severe loss range


in the ear hearing aids are custom made hearing aids where the audiologist takes the measurement of the ear of the patients and the shell of the hearing aid is custom made to fit the patient inside the ear


Invisible hearing aids inside the ear are custom-made to fit the shape of your ear. A custom hearing device is created using an earmold, which your hearing care professional will make from your ear


hearing aids or the CICs are some of the smallest versions of custom made hearing aids which go completely inside the ear canal of the patient and sits in the first vor outer bend of it


Tinnitus has so many complications, while numerous hearing disorders also have signs of simultaneous tinnitus


Hearing Amplifiers can give you a clean digital amplified sound. These Hearing Amplifiers boost the hearing and making your conversation clear and easy to understand.

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The test and trial was very prompt and their audiologist guided me very well and I am extremely happy with the service. I have already purchased a Invisible in the canal (iic) hearing aid for my uncle and he is enjoying using it. Nobody can identify that he is an hearing aid user. It's the best part
Chandu Manthri
Google Verified Review
Most detailed explanations for my hearing problems. Probably the best audiologist I have visited in Hyderabad till date. Extremely happy!!.. saved me of an unnecessary surgery recommended by someone. I absolutely recommend for anyone with hearing issue.
Google Verified Review
This a place located in a lane parallel to NIMS hospital. The diagnostic facilties for hearing impairments are good. The doctors are qualified. You can expect a reliable evaluation of the problem. It is exactly opposite to the metro pillar 16 on the way to panjagutta from Kharathabad.
K V Sivakumar
Google Verified Review
Nice and friendly people at the clinic who assisted throughout the process with utmost patience. I visited their clinic for my uncle who needed hearing aid, after consultation with audiologist. Will surely recommend to others.
Kistapuram Varun
Google Verified Review
Great place to get hearing aids. My father has hearing problems and we went there to get a adaptable hearing aid and they experience was great.!
Gurtejbir Sandhu
Google Verified Review


No. 102, First floor, Maruthi Grandeur Building, Dwarkapuri Colony, Panjagutta, Hyderabad 500082.


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+91 8237037087



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