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ONLINE SHOPPING or CLINIC VISIT which one is better?

‘Hearing loss’ radically affects your quality of life. Acquiring suitable hearing aid is the most significant decision that entails cautious thoughtfulness. Usually, one can opt between the two choices - Hearing Clinic (of audiologist) or any eCommerce shopping platform.

Here are some points one must consider while taking this decision –

There is a lot of difference between buying a fashion accessory and a ‘Hearing Aid’, which is purely medical equipment. Only a well-qualified Audiologist can diagnose an underlying medical problem, if any, that is the root cause of the hearing loss, such as tumors on your auditory nerves (a rare case) or growths in the middle ear area. 

Hearing aids specialist
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Online shopping websites could advertise a lesser price than a hearing clinic, but the professionals who run a hearing clinic use their years of expertise to care for the patients. On the other hand, the credentials of audiologists and other staff helping you to choose hearing aid on the online portals is questionable and there are several people from sales dealing with the same customer with a core idea of pushing sales turnover.

Hearing Clinic uses specialized tools and testing machines. In many cases, the hearing tests are conducted in audiology offices can also be used to program your hearing aid of choice of your liking. Whereas the online stores are challenged with the limited testing scope and have access to the tests that can be conducted remotely.

Rechargeable hearing aids near me
Rechargeable hearing aids near me

Online web portals are not reliable and chances of becoming a victim of scams and poor quality products flourish on the internet and verifying a company’s credentials can be complicated.

Moreover the market is flooded with cheap and poor quality hearing aid devices, which could permanently damage your hearing. So one needs to be very cautious not to buy a poor quality product. It is safer to seek the professional advice of the audiologist instead of preferring to self diagnose your hearing loss. A poor quality device could do irreparable damage to your hearing.

Rechargeable hearing aids near me


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