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HNR Speech & Hearing Clinic, Hyderabad (+91 8237037087), when you will search ‘BEST SPEECH THERAPIST NEAR ME’ on Google Map it will guide you to our clinic at centre of the city. We offer expertise speech therapy for toddlers and kids of all ages. Our pediatric speech therapists are the best in the field with years of experience give the kid with therapy sessions personalized to the child’s requirements. Our programs are designed around the difficulties kid face with speech sound production, resonance, voice, fluency, and language etc. Speech and hearing clinic near me – HNR

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The capability to correspond efficiently does augment one’s sense of worth and self-confidence. This is why we consider no kid should be rundown of the capability to communicate his/her feelings, emotions, and ideas to others. Speech Therapy involves the management and treatment of conditions which affect a person’s capability to speak and communicate.

Speech and hearing clinic near me – HNR

Our Specialized Speech Therapy services include:
  • Speech
  • Attention and Listening
  • Social Skills
  • Understanding of language
  • Using Language
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We work with kids who have:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Language delay
  • Language disorder
  • Speech Sound difficulties
  • Stammering
  • Down’s Syndrome
  • Developmental delay
  • Social Communication Difficulties
  • Attention and Listening Difficulties
  • Cerebral palsy

It is essential that a kid who is restricted to some limit on with communication be given speech and language therapy so that they can learn to communicate their daily basic requirements and wants to others around them. Our pediatric speech therapist helps kids with best procedures communication development, social skills, reading and improvement of alternative communication methods etc.

Speech and hearing clinic near me – HNR

Rechargeable hearing aids near me
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HNR a leading speech therapy provider in Hyderabad we feel it is significant that our services are easily reached by our clients. We therefore offer you the options of a clinic based appointment and/or the ability to be seen by our best speech therapist in your home in and around Hyderabad. We work with kids, youths and adults. We offer a well-designed functional and impairment based therapeutic approach. We make use of the most latest and complete therapy methods and research techniques to achieve successful results.

Our Best Speech Therapist in Hyderabad offers assessments and therapy of a wide range of speech disorders and/or delays i.e. Articulation which is the way a person says or expresses sounds, Phonology is the blueprint of speech an individual uses, Apraxia which is difficulty in preparation and coordinating the essential movements for making sounds, Fluency is also known as Stuttering and Voice which are the issues with the way a voice comes out, or sounds (e.g., hoarseness).

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