Best hearing clinic near me
Best hearing clinic near me

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HNR Speech & Hearing Clinic has the team of best hearing aid specialist to cater to all your needs in regard to latest high-tech yet very cost effective hearing aids. It becomes very imperative to understand the role of hearing aid specialist when you visit any hearing care clinic, as they have a very essential role in analyzing the type of hearing loss one is suffering and recommending the solution in the form of suitable hearing aids. Also providing all sort of adjustment and programming in the hearing device along with the promised after sales care. 

Best hearing clinic near me – HNR

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Hearing Aid Specialist - What they do?

Generally people compare this profile with the optician in terms of vision care, but as in comparison it is way more vast and complicated than that. When it comes to hearing and hearing aid as a device it is much more complicated than pair of lenses or spectacles. A hearing aid specialist is a healthcare technician who is qualified in audiology, conducts various hearing tests, is officially authorized to fit hearing aids as per the requirement and adjust them on various parameters as per the various hearing environments.

Types of Hearing Loss – HNR

Our hearing aids specialist take full assessment of hearing loss before recommending any hearing device, this process starts from assessing if there is any hearing problem genetically pertain the family, their individual intensity of noise exposure at place of work or on a social gatherings etc. and any other aspects that may facilitate attaining a most precise diagnosis of the hearing problem. To commence the analysis, our Hearing Aid Specialist carries out a hearing health test known as audiometric test to review the condition of the individual’s hearing health. After the hearing analysis is done on various parameters have been established and the condition of their auditory system, the specialist assesses the test outcomes and chooses the most suitable model and style of hearing aid.

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It is a recognized fact and outcome of research study done in this specific field that ‘Hearing Loss’ is commonly suffered among the old aged or elderly, but also in younger individuals. Even though age is the most important reason of hearing loss, there are other reasons such as exposure to loud noise, infections, tumors, a ruptured eardrum or a buildup of excessive earwax in the ear canal. So it is very important that we should not take any sort of slightest hearing trouble or ear infection lightly. We must immediately consult experienced hearing aid specialist for thorough analysis.   

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