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speech therapy

Speech Therapy

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT SPEECH THERAPY Speech Therapy is the assessment and treatment of speech, language, and communication impairments. Speech

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hearing loss

Hearing Loss at Various Stages Of Life

Hearing loss is a prevailing problem now a days and it largely depends on factors such as your lifestyle, daily routine & work place. Here’s

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Musicians hear loss prevention

How Can Musicians Protect their Hearing?

Experts say that musicians are more common to hearing health problems because of their career, as you also know they are most likely to be affected

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Types of hearing protection devices

Types of hearing protection devices

Hearing loss is a condition that affects your ability to hear noises normally. It can be caused by many different actions, but it is usually

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Hearing Loss Affect Child Education


Hearing Aid Devices & Academics While hearing devices and other hearing technologies can improve a student’s ability to listen &

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Explaining the advantages of hearing aids to the elderly

Convince the elderly that Hearing Aids for Elders are pivotal Elders compliant all the time about you aren’t speaking loud enough for them to

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