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Air-Conduction vs. Bone-Conduction

Hearing aids expectations vs reality

HNR Speech & Hearing Clinic, Hyderabad (+91 8237037087), is associated with sales, services and repair of all kind of hearing aids and batteries of all major brands. While one has to decide to deal with his or her hearing loss or look for treatment for his child, people generally want to know what all options of hearing aids technologies are available to choose from. With day by day progressing modern technologies, there are very good chances that you land up in getting best assistance in term of treatment for hearing loss, though your own little awareness of the basic concepts these technologies will add up to the surety of getting most latest and helpful hearing device. While it is the most important decision which one has to take between long-established hearing aids—removable, non-surgically implanted devices—and bone conduction hearing aids or bone-anchored devices the hearing health expert will assist you but one’s own research will definitely ensure of landing upon the right solution. 

Air conduction are the conventional long–established hearing aids, are devices you can purchase from an audiology or hearing clinic, after undergoing a series of tests and once they have been fitted to your hearing requirements and preferences, you may start using it. After you have started using the air conduction hearing aids, there are suggested visit to the audiologist or hearing care personnel for general adjustments, settings and program selection. Though the frequency varies from the new user to the person already using hearing aids in the past, also nowadays minor tweaks and adjustments are possible remotely through app and video consultation etc.

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Bone conduction hearing devices are intended to take care of conductive hearing loss, which happens once sound is unable to travel go through the outer and/or middle ear (usually due to physical blockage or missing all or a portion of the ear). These hearing aids are intended to be surgically implanted. Bone anchored hearing systems includes of an implant, which is the piece implanted into your skull (typically behind your ear), an abutment, which is the portion fixed onto the implant, and the processor, which is programmable and gets snapped onto the abutment a few weeks following implantation.


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