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HNR Speech & Hearing Clinic, Hyderabad (+91 8237037087), Tinnitus is a rising concern in today’s modern world, affecting significant part of the entire population globally. As hearing loss is all the time more recognized and medically diagnosed this tendency is most likely to prolong and develop further, in that way putting tinnitus as major area of regular audiology practice. Still some nearby hearing clinics would not cater to tinnitus services. But for us at HNR has specialized experts dealing with this problem of tinnitus as an integral part of regular practice or clinic. Our role as the hearing care professional in tinnitus management is to offer the patient with assistance through specialized knowledge. This information covers all aspect of Tinnitus including its origin, consequences on life, solutions, realistic expectations, and proper use of sound therapy, which may or may not include the use of hearing devices.

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HNR is a nearby tinnitus clinic for residents of Hyderabad we recognize that tinnitus has had an impact on your quality of day today life. There are many reasons of tinnitus, as well as numerous side effects that tinnitus can root. We want to assist you tackle all of those problems with an efficient management plan developed just for you. Tinnitus could be caused due to large variety of reasons — from hearing carelessness in loud environments to diabetes, heart disease, infection, aging, and everything in between. Tinnitus can develop due to physical and/or neurological conditions, and can only be diagnosed by a trained professional. Our clinic caters to patients of all ages with tinnitus in Hyderabad and nearby areas.

In our more than a decade experience, we have had the opportunity to get to the bottom of many different cases, and have individualized management plans exactly as per individual’s requirement, which may include hearing aids for tinnitus. You can have faith on us to bring accuracy and consideration to detail when it comes to your recovery path.

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