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Phonak CROS P

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HNR Speech & Hearing Clinic, Hyderabad (+91 8237037087), is associated with sales, services and repair of all kind of hearing aids and batteries of all major brands especially Phonak. Phonak CROS P is a

Wireless device for ‘single-sided deafness’ on the latest Phonak Paradise platform which means it is a hearing solution for individuals with slight or no hearing on one side and regular hearing on the other.

Audible range with one ear is less or very difficult in certain scenarios. It can be complicated to follow a discussion or chat or even comprehend that someone is talking to you if the room is noisy and the person trying to get your concentration is sitting on the side of your poorer hearing ear. This is where Phonak CROS P, a key for unilateral hearing loss, can actually augment the quality of your hearing and your overall well-being. It includes of a grouping of two Phonak instruments using the Paradise technology platform. This unit picks and chooses up the sound on the side with no hearing and transmits it to the unit on the other ear with some or normal hearing. It facilitates you to hear sounds around you and track conversations, despite of the direction they come from.

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It is also available with a Li-Ion rechargeable battery preference to pair with other rechargeable Phonak hearing aids. CROS P system has universal connectivity to smartphones, TV, microphones and more. Letting you to have the benefit of hands-free calls or stream media content from iOS, Android and other Bluetooth enabled devices. Autosense OS is a Phonak’s proprietary operating system. It by design senses your environs and adjusts your hearing aid accordingly. It is available in 2 models i.e. CROS P-13 (The transmitter in RIC style with a size 13 battery) & CROS P-R (The transmitter is in a RIC style with a rechargeable Li-Ion battery).


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