best tinnitus clinic in hyderabad
best tinnitus clinic in hyderabad
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What Is Tinnitus?

Generally, tinnitus is not a disease, but a symptom with various factors contributing to it. Many medications are known to have cause tinnitus as a side effect. Certain medical conditions may cause tinnitus. Impacted ear wax can cause tinnitus. However, the most common cause of tinnitus is ‘Hearing Loss’. Listed are some POSSIBLE CAUSES. (Best Hearing Clinic in Hyderabad – HNR)

Possible Causes

Hearing loss (the most common cause)
Exposure to loud noise
Certain medications
Head trauma
Eardrum blockage
Jaw joint disorders

Since tinnitus is a symptom, it can have several supplementary indications, which can harmfully impact the person’s quality of life. Some of these associated POSSIBLE SYMPTOMS

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Possible Symptoms

Difficulty concentrating
Sleep disturbances
Increased sensitivity to (loud) noise
Ear pain

Tinnitus In Children

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Tinnitus occurs in both children and adults with similar symptoms. However, It can severely affect the overall growth of a child i.e. negatively impact his or her concentration, self-confidence & general wellbeing. Importantly, while adults disclose their symptoms and try to find remedial measures, the suffering often remains unrecognized in children. This is because of the inability of children to accurately explain their symptoms and the lack of early detection

At HNR Speech & Hearing Clinic (Hyderabad), we help you manage the symptoms with the help of the latest technology available in various hearing aids. These technological hybrid hearing aids with tinnitus masking and other related features – are widely accepted as a management tool for tinnitus. Often people suffering from tinnitus utilize these latest state-of-the-art discreet RIC devices that offer the necessary adjustability for use of tinnitus management. One of our Hearing Care professionals (HCP) will evaluate the degree of your tinnitus problem and will program the device specifically for your needs 

Best Hearing Clinic in Hyderabad – HNR

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