Hearing clinic near me
Hearing clinic near me


    How We Choose the Best Hearing Aid for Elderly or Senior Citizen


    There are so many brands, models, and features of hearing aids
    available in the global market. We carefully select the best with the
    help of decade-old expertise in this field. Moreover, we very care full
    prescribe only those hearing aids that have received significant
    positive reviews from the world press or received consideration
    from experts in the industry.

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    Personal Customization or Programming

    We at HNR Speech & Hearing Clinic include only those hearing
    aids brands or specific models that allow the personalization of
    programs and other support features. Certain latest hearing
    aids are equipped with app-based customization features,
    which are very helpful for the end-user, especially the senior

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    Service Availability - Top audiologist near me

    If there are any problems with your hearing aids, big r small,
    HNR offers restoration services at our clinic. We configure the device
    according to your comfort at a nominal cost. If the hearing aids are
    severely damaged, or a specific part requires replacement, we
    contact the manufacturers for necessary assistance.
    We recommend hearing aids strictly as per the availability of a
    qualified service network in Hyderabad – Telangana. We prefer and
    recommend brands that are quick with customer assistance and
    have cost-effective solutions. We consider the availability of
    warranty/ extended warranties and several important terms before recommending any hearing aid to our client.

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    Hearing would be as close as Possible to ‘Natural Hearing’ after wearing Hearing Aids?

    Hearing aid companies are continuously upgrading their expertise
    to produce the most natural sounds possible. Hearing aids may
    have a perceptibly different sound quality than the sounds you
    experienced before the hearing damage. The variations are
    something that the patient can get used to in a short duration.
    Moreover, there is a significant difference in overall sound quality
    between the basic product and top-of-the-range products. Top audiologist near me – HNR

    Older man and woman or pensioners with a hearing problem
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    Hearing would be as close as Possible to ‘Natural Hearing’ after wearing Hearing Aids?

    They may be worried about the complication of getting into a
    habit of handling hearing aids, or they probably make them look
    old, or as it is a common misconception of heavy price tag, etc.
    Our Hearing Care Professionals handle similar general queries at
    our clinic. So, if you think your Spouse / Parent / Grandparents are
    suffering from hearing issues – CALL US NOW 040- 42018181,
    +91 8237037087 We would not only clear all your doubts regarding
    the latest technology hearing aids moreover assessing the gravity of hearing loss. We also provide a home visit
    facility (if required).


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