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    Bluetooth Rechargeable Hearing Aids

    HNR Speech & Hearing Clinic understands that nowadays a wide range of new hearing aids come enabled with latest Bluetooth Rechargeable Technology. Also some manufacturing companies hearing aid industry are providing additional upgrades for their old models to transform into Bluetooth hearing aids. So at HNR we know what is best for you in terms of hearing aids, it is not always the newer technology will suit the every individual, we understand the specific requirements of the person then recommend specific hearing aid model with specific feature which has maximum usage for the person and moreover he or she shouldn’t be technologically burdened with unwanted features etc.

    Bluetooth Rechargeable Hearing Aids have wireless communication technology that allows hearing aids to connect remotely to other devices like cell phones, televisions, and computers or tablets etc. It is not a new technology but in hearing aids the induction of this technology has set a new trend of making the hearing aids more user friendly in all aspects. Bluetooth Rechargeable devices gives you a lot of facilities like attending phone calls directly to your ear piece, adjusting volume of TV, music systems etc. These can also be connected directly to your laptop or tablet. You can watch movies on OTT platforms, carry out video chats etc. control volumes and other related features.

    Bluetooth Rechargeable Hearing Aids are unquestionably very useful for making life easier for certain people. But we must understand that this technology is not for every hearing aid user, particularly for those who do not wish to get additional technological features, and who are used to wearing conventional hearing aids. Somewhere they feel all these new technological advancements burdensome to adapt to. Also although these Bluetooth Rechargeable Hearing Aids have list of cool useful features but at the same time they consume more battery than regular ones. For that specific reason they are made with a rechargeable batteries which can be charged in the night and give full functionally in the day. So this is also a major concern that sometime people forget charging their devices at night.

    At HNR Speech & Hearing Clinic our highly experienced hearing care professionals (HCP) understand your requirements and then suggest you the best brand and model of hearing aids which gives you sense of comfort and at a very reasonable pricing.


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