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ReSound ENZO Q Hyderabad

HNR Speech & Hearing Clinic, Hyderabad (+91 8237037087), is associated with sales, services and repair of all kind of hearing aids of all major brands. ReSound ENZO Q are one of the best suitable hearing aid for severe-to-profound hearing loss. These are absolute hearing solution that offers excellent sound quality from every direction, all the desirable gain with no feedback, and flawless connectivity to virtually every audio source. When it is attached with remote fine-tuning and real-time patient support, the effect is a more fulfilling, bespoke comfortable hearing experience than ever before. It filters out all sort of unwanted whistling or screeching sounds even after hearing aid volume is increased at per your suitability.

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Mostly in the noisy or crowded places, it becomes more difficult to get desired clarity in hearing. ReSound ENZO Q intelligently assist you in such difficult and challenging listening environment without blocking you completely from background sound. The best example is in group discussion or large crowded meetings, where it focuses on the source of sound concurrently focusing on the background sounds differentiating speech and other sound details accurately to deliver most natural listening environment.

In India, there are so many brands and companies offering wide ranges of hearing aids, with the budget depending on the quality and features of the hearing aids. The Hearing Care Professional at our clinic understands your exact requirement as per your daily routine and specific degree of hearing loss then only suggest the best options within your budget. The cost ultimately depends upon factors like higher level of technology, to offer the user with augmented capabilities such as directional hearing, capabilities to attach with various accessories, increased clarity etc.

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ReSound ENZO Q automatically senses your listening environments and automatically regulates the volume and sound settings to suitability. Distracting background sounds like electric fan or the traffic become comfy, yet capable of being heard. There is direct streaming and greater connectivity from both iOS and Android devices to your hearing aids and benefit from coherent, comfy and high-quality sound. Talking on the phone, watching TV, or listening to music, it’s as effortless as using wireless stereo headphones. Although by design it adjusts to your listening environment needs, but still you can alter or update the specifications of your hearing experience even to advance levels with the ReSound Smart 3D™ app, directly from your phone. It is available in two basic styles i.e. High Power HP BTE 88 and Super Power SP BTE 98 with various colour options.

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