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HNR Speech & Hearing Clinic, Hyderabad (+91 8237037087), is associated with sales, services and repair of all kind of hearing aids and batteries of all major brands. One can lengthen the life of his or her hearing aids by cautiously using them and dropping the chances of any technical complications or problems all throughout the daily usage. Mostly all the hearing aids available in market today are highly durable, but they must be correctly taken care of. Here are a number of useful maintenance tips to make your hearing aids life longer. To start with the basic tip of keeping the dust out of your hearing aids. Prior to touching your hearing aid, make sure that your fingers are dirt free and dry. The hearing aid’s microphone input is pretty small, and if held wrongly or dust /dirt touches it regularly over a period of time it might develop into technical malfunction or blockage.

Falling of any type of hearing aid especially invisible hearing aid on a hard floor or firm surface is not a good idea. This usually occurs when you try to clean or change the battery. Latest hearing aids contain very high technology and minute parts so any sort of impact should be avoided, also one should be very careful while suing them especially while putting on or taking off. Hearing Aid should be protected from harmful outcomes of excessive heat. Safeguard them from direct sunlight while travelling and also in winters make sure that they are not kept near to the room heaters or heating vents. Any kind of humidity or wetness should not go into your hearing aid.

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Invisible hearing aids are so tiny that they are not visible on the outer surface of the ear. As an alternative to conventional big size hearing aid, they fit efficiently into the ear canal and are often custom-fitted to individual’s hearing necessities or ear form. Not noticeable and lightweight, one is likely to forget that he or she is wearing one. For individuals who use hearing aids, invisible devices can be a very smart alternative. It allows individual to set out for their everyday activities without attracting any unwanted attention to them, thus getting rid of the past stigma connected with wearing hearing aids.

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Ahead of doing any sort of water activity like washing, bathing, or swimming, take out your hearing aid from your ear. They should not left in the bathroom due to unnecessary dampness and moisture levels. Prior to wearing hearing aids in, clean your ears with dry cotton cloth. At night it is always good to remove the battery from the hearing aid and leaving the battery compartment open. Hearing aids that are still turned on and lying around produce high-pitched sounds that irritate dogs. Hearing aids have been gobble down by pets as a consequence of this.


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