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Remote Learning

Remote Learning During the Pandemic for Children with Hearing Loss

What Does Remote Learning Refer To? If a child has hearing loss, it might feel tricky to follow the classes compared to regular classmates’

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Healthy Hearing

Healthy Hearing Outreach During COVID-19

We all knew that Covid-19 screwed up the world at once. Every step and reach is wholly changed. No gatherings, businesses & companies closed,

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Hearing Loss in Adults

Hearing Loss in Adults

Roughly one in three people, above the age of 65 gradually notice hearing loss. This is very normal and termed Age-Related Hearing Loss or

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Health Related Quality of Life

What is Health Related Quality of Life

What is Health-Related Quality of Life (HRQoL)? Health-related quality of life is portrayed as the idea that encompasses psychological, physical

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Mixed Hearing Loss

What Does Mixed Hearing Loss Mean To? Normally, The ear has three main segments, the inner ear, middle ear, and outer ear. When any of the parts get

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Hearing Aids Vs Cochlear Implant

How Far Is Hearing Loss Frequent? Hearing Loss is quite common and treatable! One in every six, 18 older and above suffer Hearing Loss. It varies

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