Signia Intuis 2 Hearing Aid

It is offered in a wide range of models both BTE and ITE styles to cater all requirements for a high tech, robust and sleek hearing aids. Signia

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Resound Up Smart Hearing Aid

It is the Smart Hearing solution for children and the only smart hearing aid for children with moderate to severe hearing loss. It facilitates

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Phonak Bolero Hearing Aid

The Bolero is a first-rate hearing aid developed by the Switzerland based company Phonak. It is made for the individuals having moderate to profuse

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Resound Enya Hearing Aids

If it is the question of exceptionally good sound quality and speech recognition then Resound Enya hearing aids are the obvious choice, they are

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Bernafon Channel Free Technology

When someone is suffering from hearing loss, it becomes very difficult to make up for those problems or issues which he or she faces in daily life

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Bernafon Zerena Hearing Aid

It is one of the latest and finest hearing device enabled with DECS technology which stands for ‘Dynamic Environment Control System’ that makes

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