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Single Sided Hearing Loss

What is Single-Sided Hearing Loss?

What Is Single-Sided Hearing Loss? Single-sided hearing loss is the hearing loss in one ear (can be left or right). Usually, this sort of hearing

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Weight Gain Impact Your Hearing

How Weight Gain Impacts Your Hearing?

How does Weight Gain Impact Your Hearing? According to studies and demonstrations, many people have a common query – is there an impact of

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Most Frequently Asked Questions About Ear Cleaning

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Ear Cleaning?

What Is Ear Wax? In medical terms, ear wax is termed as cerumen. It is the material discharged in the ear canal that has antibacterial and

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Smartphone Hearing Aid

Features of a Perfect Smartphone for Hearing Aid Users?

Technology and Hearing Aids Hearing aids nowadays are more advanced than ever! There is a possibility to pair hearing aids with a variety of

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Life of hearing aid

How To Increase The Life Of a Hearing Aid

What is Hearing Aid Made Of? A Hearing Aid is a tiny electronic gadget that you put inside or behind your ear. A typical hearing aid consists of a

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risk of hearing loss

Does A Healthy Diet Lower The Risk Of Hearing Loss?

Does A Healthy Diet Lower The Risk Of Hearing Loss? In short, yes! A healthy diet can lower the risk of hearing loss. Your eating and consumption

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