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Hearing aids expectations vs reality

Hearing aid Expectations vs Reality

Purchasing new hearing aid? Is it for the first time or updating from older technology? This puts you in a tough position and also a compromise.

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internal vs external hearing aids

External vs Internal hearing aids

The hearing profile is so different from person to person like fingerprints. Every hearing profile is unique. There are things to check like degree

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Are hearing aids waterproof

Are hearing aids waterproof?

Some people love to be in the water because they believe beach is their second home and there are a few who frequently take dips in their pool

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Beginners guide to hearing aids

Beginners guide to hearing aids

Introduction in to the world of hearing aids The human sense of hearing is far more complicated than you imagine like sound waves going through a

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Tinnitus myths vs facts

Tinnitus Myths Vs Facts

If you are one of the Millions of people around the world who is experiencing tinnitus, tinnitus can impact a lot of things in your personal,

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How long does tinnitus lasts

How many years does tinnitus usually last?

Tinnitus is the symptom of longing ringing, buzzing, and chirping in your ears. You just can’t avoid that ringing in your ears. Now it’s been the

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