Completely In The Canal Hearing Aids (CICs)

Invisible in the Canal Hearing Aid

About Completely In Canal

“Completely in Canal” hearing aids or the CICs are some of the smallest versions of custom made hearing aids which go completely inside the ear canal of the patient and sits in the first vor outer bend of it. These hearing aids are also called partially invisible hearing aids as their visibility is the lowest from outside. The designing of the hearing aid requires precise and deep impression taking by the specialist so precise size shell of the hearing aid can be designed.

These hearing aids use Nano technology and introduce automatic features for environment detection, noise management and automatic amplification adjustment; hence external features like manual volume control option are not required in these Hearing aids.

Over a couple of years, the acceptability of these hearing aids has increased amongst the users due to their extremely small size and low visibility. Moreover, with the help of nano technology, these hearing aids can accommodate every feature/ technology which a behind the ear hearing aid can carry therefore making it the most preferred style amongst the masses. Now days, there are several companies which have come up with CICs in the profound category range hence making it the most apt hearing aid across all hearing loss ranges.

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