Behind The Ear Hearing Aids (BTEs)

Two hearing aids without earmolds on a reflecting glass surface

About Behind The Ear

The β€œBTE” or β€œBehind the Ear” hearing aids are the most conventional type of ALDs (Assistive listening Devices) available today. These hearing aids come in Analogue, Semi Digital and fully digital versions. Depending on the loss and requirement of the patients, BTE can be fitted to the patients with half-Concha/ Full-Concha Moulds which fits the measurement of the ear of the person. These moulds are available in soft and hard varieties.

BTEs can cater to patients from Mild to Profound Loss category. The best part of BTEs is that they also come in water resistant versions and care and maintenance of a BTE is very easy. Now a days, BTEs are becoming less bulky and hence are finding a favoured choice amongst the hearing deficient patients.

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