In The Ear Hearing Aids (ITEs)

About In The Ear

In the ear hearing aids are custom made hearing aids where the audiologist takes the measurement of the ear of the patients and the shell of the hearing aid is custom made to fit the patient inside the ear. These are smaller versions of Hearing aids and are preferred by patients who do not wish the hearing aid to be more noticeable like a BTE Hearing Aid.

This style of hearing aids is the most convenient for patients with a sloping kind of hearing loss. The best part of this type of hearing aid is that this is much smaller than a BTE hearing aid since the receiver of the hearing aid is separately placed and is easily concealable behind the ear.

The plus point of an “In the Ear” hearing aid other than the visibility factor is that it gives the patient the option to control the volume with a self adjustment panel on the face plate of the hearing aid. Moreover, since this hearing aid sits in the Concha region of the ear is comparatively bigger than other custom hearing aids it has a much longer battery life.

The best part of any custom hearing aids is that the localization or natural hearing process can be effectively replicated due to the positioning of the hearing aid inside the canal.


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