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HNR Speech & Hearing Clinic, Hyderabad (+91 8237037087), is associated with sales, services and repair of all kind of hearing aids and batteries of all major brands. Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is utilized in a lot of industries and technologies today. Hearing aids are no exception. When it comes to your hearing aids, AI (Artificial Intelligence) assists and enhances the machine functions. For example, AI can help out in one of the most demanding scenarios if you put lot of efforts to hear in becoming a part and active member in a discussion when you are in a crowded space like a restaurant or in an outdoor event. For the reason that as you identify if you wear a hearing aid, making sounds louder is not the way out.

From last few years, researchers are finding more ways to connect this technology and use it to perk up conventional hearing aids. An AI hearing aid is a device that can have as feature capabilities such as fitness tracking, audio streaming and translation in addition to the conventional purpose of enhancing sound for the end user. Highly developed technologies also facilitate higher-level performance for hearing augmentation such as mechanically adapting to specific types of environments and removing unwanted ambient sounds. It prioritizes the most frequently heard voices (family members, friends, colleagues) when you are present with them in busy environments. It augments sound when someone is talking from the mask or speaking from a distance. Knows your usual routines and tunes the sound program accordingly – watching TV, listening to music, or connected with the video call. Tracks physical activities including fall detection and automatically notifies the caretaker also monitors vitals such as blood pressure.

Life of hearing aid
How to support hearing loss patients

An acoustic neuroma furthermore identified a vestibular schwannoma, is a non-cancerous tumor. The term schwannoma signifies that the tumor build up from Schwann cells. It is a benign tumor (not cancer). They do not stretch to other parts of the body the way cancerous tumors do. They root problems by increasing and pressing on important structures and nerves. These tumors have a propensity to grow slowly, sometimes over many years. In more than 90% of cases of acoustic neuromas have an effect on the hearing nerve in one ear which is technically called unilateral hearing loss. They occur more frequently with increasing age, highest in those aged above 60 years. It is very rare in kids. It occurs evenly among men and women.

History Of Hearing Aids

The AI makes use of an algorithm build up purposely to facilitate your hearing aid to function according to your person’s requirements. When you fine-tune a setting, the data gets recorded, and by applying the algorithm, the app compares and adjusts settings based on what it has learned from collecting your preference data.


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