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Monoral Vs Binaural Hearing Aids

Monaural refers to hearing loss in one ear, also known as single sided deafness or unilateral hearing loss. Binaural hearing loss is impairment in both ears.

Patients with single sided deafness are recommended to use hearing aid in one ear as the other ear is normal; whereas person with binaural hearing loss is asked for binaural amplification to balance establish a balance on both sides. There are several advantages of using hearing aids in both ears:

1) Localization: The ability to detect and understand the direction of sound is known as localization. With use of one hearing aid the localization ability of individual will deteriorate as majority of responses will be captured by aided ear only, which further will reduce the ability of brain to locate the sound.

2) Binaural processing: Ears process sounds binaurally; unilateral amplification will create a kind of imbalance between ears which may result into poor speech understanding.

3) Speech recognition and discrimination: Recognition and discrimination of speech will be affected majorly in noisy situation. Understating conversation in presence of background noise will also be difficult.

4) Further hearing loss in unaided ear: Ehe non aided ear is lacking stimulation as a result the aided ear is doing all the jobs. Gradually over the period of time, as the non aided ear was not being used and stimulated it will lose its ability to understand and recognize speech.

Our Testimonials

I had a severe hearing loss and HNR Speech & Hearing Clinic fitted me with a Completely in Canal hearing aid. Best Part is that I don't have to physically go to their clinic to get it adjusted. Using the Telephone Technology whenever I require adjustments they help me over the phone itself by increasing or decreasing volume.

-Ravikant ,Hyderabad

I was embarrassed during official meetings as I couldn't follow conversation and had to ask my colleagues them to repeat. Wearing a Hearing aid was getting more embarrassing, luckily HNR gave me the 100% invisible hearing aid which is as comfortable as my spectacles and conversation is as clear as natural hearing!

-Manish Mishra ,Pune

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